Canadian Deer Hunting

White Tail Deer Hunt

Includes: 5 days, 6 nights accommodation, catered meals, experienced guide service and housekeeping.

Price: $2,875.00 CND Taxes Included
Deer Licence: $183 CND
Airport pick-up and delivery: $150 (Bangor, ME, Presque Isle, ME, or Fredericton, NB available.)
Deer Bag Limit: 1 deer per year

When are the Deer Hunting Seasons?

Deer (Archery): October 2nd – November 18th
Deer (Firearm): October 23rd– November 18th

What is the age requirement to hunt deer?
Age 16+

Where can I find New Brunswick Hunting Rules and Regulations?

Please download the New Brunswick Guide and Hunt Book HERE 

Q&A's and FAQ's

What can I harvest?

If you are a non-resident, you may only hunt bucks. All licensed hunters (residents and non-residents) may hunt antlered deer (deer with visible antlers) during the deer season in those zones open to hunting. Non-residents are not eligible to hunt antlerless deer (does and fawns).

Deer Bag Limit: 1 deer per year