Bass, Trout and Landlock Salmon are accessible to the lakes and rivers from our Skiff Lake location. New Brunswick Spring fishing can't be beat! We are an experienced angling camp with licensed and  knowledgeable guides. 



Atlantic Salmon Fishing Dates:
April 15th to June 21st
Sept 9th to Oct 15th


We currently are not equipped to rent boats for this season, however, we are happy to assist you with Cabin rental and ample parking of your fishing boat and guide during this season.

Cabin Rental, Guide Services and Parking: $75.00 CAD per person/day (limit of 3 persons per cabin) 

Includes: Continental Breakfast

Guide Service: $150.00 per day (additional)

People come to New Brunswick from around the world in search of this prize catch. But don't let that fool you – smallmouth bass, shark, shad, brook trout, chain pickerel, landlocked salmon, white perch, yellow perch and more can all be found in our waters.

Fish New Brunswick Days


DATES: February 15–17, 2020 

Anglers may fish for all species without purchasing a licence. However, anglers wishing to retain landlocked salmon from 48 cm to 63 cm (fork length) require a licence with tags. Non-residents may fish without a guide or licence on these days. All current bag limits, closures and other restrictions are still in effect on Fish NB Days. Access to private waters, Crown Reserve waters and Crown Leases requires the appropriate licences and landowner’s permission. Individuals whose angling privileges have been revoked cannot fish anywhere in the province, including on Fish NB Days.


Fishing Cabin Rental (no Guide)
Includes: accommodation (self-catering)
Price:  $75 CAD per person/day.

Ice Fishing

Non-Resident Licenses are available at Service New Brunswick Centres. A $5.00 fish stocking fee is being applied to most angling licenses to support a fish stocking program. You can use spinning gear in most of our 2 000 lakes and ponds as well as tens of thousands of kilometres of rivers and streams.

Ice Fishing packages are available.

  • The New Brunswick winter fishing season is open from January 1st to March 31st. ... 
  • Brunswick centres as of December 1st.
  • Cost: Resident - $23.00; Non-Resident - $26.45 (prices include conservation fees and HST) ... 
  • Sturgeon

What are the Fishing Seasons in NB?


Spring Salmon (Kelt): April 15th to May 15th
Daily hook and release limit: 10

Bright Salmon: May 16 to October 15th
Daily hook and release limit: 4

Trout: May 1 - Sept 15
Daily bag and possession limit: 5 of which only 2 over 30 cm
Minimum Size Limits (TL): Brook trout 10cm
Minimum Size Limits (TL): Arctic char, brown trout, rainbow trout: 15cm

Striped Bass: April 15th to October 31st
Daily bag and possession limit: three (3) striped bass

Do You need a Guide and License to Fish in NB?


Non-resident anglers require a licensed guide when fishing for sea-run Atlantic salmon, or when angling for any species on Guide Required Waters after the designated date.  We recommend a guide regardless of where you are fishing.  

Angling licences must be properly signed and carried at all times while fishing. Anglers can only purchase one Class 1, 7, or 8 licence per season. Anglers 16 years of age and older require a provincial licence while angling in inland waters.

Q&A's and FAQ's...


Where can I obtain the Rules and Regulations regarding Fishing in New Brunswick? HERE

Visit the GNB Fishing Page for Information HERE

Licensing Fees are found on page 6 HERE

Visit Canada Fisheries and Oceans HERE

What is the Master Angler Award Program?  If you are interested in being recognized as one of New Brunswick's best fisherman check out page 12 of the 2019 NB Fish Book found: HERE